Batman Arkham Penguin

Batman Arkham Penguin

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One of the Dark Knight's oldest enemies, the Penguin was first introduced just two years after the Dark Knight himself swooped into the comics landscape. As a Gotham City mobster, the Penguin fancies himself a "gentleman of crime" and often wears a top hat and tuxedo. BATMAN ARKHAM- PENGUIN collects some of the villain's greatest stories, including his first appearance, by some of the industry's greatest creators!

Collects DETECTIVE COMICS #58, #610-611 & #824; BATMAN #155, #374 & BATMAN #548-549; BATMAN- PENGUIN TRIUMPHANT #1; JOKER'S ASYLUM- PENGUIN #1.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401281731

240 pages

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