Teen Titans Go! Box Set

Teen Titans Go! Box Set

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Fisch, Sholly

Join Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven as they display their unique brand of hijinks, mayhem and justice!

From the beach to H.I.V.E. Tower to the Titans Tower Bathroom, the Teen Titans are here to save the day in these all-ages stories in Teen Titans Go! Box Set, from writers Sholly Fisch (The All-New Batman- The Brave and the Bold), Derek Fridolfs (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?), artists Lea Hernandez (Killer Princesses), Marcelo Di Chiara (Smallville Season 11), Jeremy Lawson (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) and more! Packaged in an exclusive slipcase, the Teen Titans Go! Box Set collects Teen Titans Go! Volumes 1-4.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401283599

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