Wonder Woman The Golden Age Vol. 2

Wonder Woman The Golden Age Vol. 2

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Marston, William Moulton

The most famous of all the women who have ever been called a superhero, Wonder Woman exploded into the world of comic books amid the uncertainty and bleak determination of World War II. Fighting for justice and treating even her enemies with firm compassion, Wonder Woman brought not a cape nor a ring nor a personal fortune or hidden clubhouse, but a magic lasso that compelled anyone it held to tell the truth, and bracelets that could not only deflect bullets but prevent Wonder Woman from ever using her superpowers for unchecked destruction.

The earliest stories of the Amazon Warrior are collected here in WONDER WOMAN- THE GOLDEN AGE VOL. 2, featuring the adventures of Wonder Woman as she tackles corruption, oppression and cruelty in the early days of World War II. Collects SENSATION COMICS #15-24, WONDER WOMAN #4-7 and COMIC CAVALCADE #2-5

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401285364

392 pages

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