Wonder Woman By Walt Simonson & Jerry Ordway

Wonder Woman By Walt Simonson & Jerry Ordway

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Diana is on a journey back to Paradise Island in search of rest and relief with her mother, Hippolyta and the other Amazonians. When fellow Amazon Leda intends to take herself and Diana back to the dimension in which Paradise Island now exists, their journey goes awry and they end up on the world of Chalandor, battling black-hued beings called Shadowmen. Just when they think they're safe, a Chalandorian craft lands and it's crew intend to bring both Amazons back to their arena to fight as gladiatrixes. There they meets a fellow captive, a barbarian called Ranagor. Diana and Ranagor end up in the arena facing the gnarth, a vicious beast, but will they make it out alive? Find out in this collection Wonder Woman by Walt Simonson & Jerry Ordway, collecting stories from these two legendary creators. Collects Wonder Woman #189-194.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401285883

152 pages

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