Justice The Deluxe Edition

Justice The Deluxe Edition

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Krueger, Jim

They are the World's Greatest Super-Heroes. But the members of the fabled Justice League of America are about to learn they aren't the only ones who can band together toward a common goal. The greatest supervillains the world has ever known are working together as one - with a shocking goal that will have the people of earth singing their praises! But it's just the latest attempt at world domination - and our heroes are there to expose the truth, to fight...for Justice!

The DC Universe is reimagined by fan-favorite painter Alex Ross (Kingdom Come, Marvels) and writer Jim Krueger (Earth X, Universe X), with pencil art by Doug Braithwaite (Paradise X) painted by Ross.

Collects Justice #1-12


ISBN: 9781401293437

496 pages

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