The Flash By Mark Waid Book Six

The Flash By Mark Waid Book Six

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Waid, Mark

In this next graphic novel chapter, the mayor of Keystone asks the Flash to relocate himself away from Keystone City-but trouble still manages to find the Fastest Man Alive in his new home of Santa Marta. First, the Flash saves a presidential candidate from the Top, a member of the Rogues. The, Mr. Frost strikes-and his illusions threaten to destroy both the Flash and his new home. And when word spreads that the Flash has moved to a new city, several of his greatest foes show up to cause trouble, including the earthquake causing Major Disaster!

The sixth volume of The Flash by Mark Waid collects The Flash #119-128 and the two-part series Green Lantern and The Flash- Faster Friends, Flash Plus Nightwing #1, Showcase '96 #12 and a story from DC Univserse Holiday Bash #1

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781401293802

432 pages

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