Sunday Morning Coming Down

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French, Nicci

Frieda gets closer than ever to the nemesis who's been stalking her for seven brilliant books

It's always darkest before the light. In the chilling seventh instalment of the bestselling, critically acclaimed Frieda Klein series, evil draws ever closer to home.

A body is discovered under the floorboards of psychotherapist Frieda Klein's house. It's the man she hired to protect her.

Frieda has always known her stalker, Dean Reeve, was still alive - at last the police are forced to believe her. But this is only the first body, and as the police investigation stalls, Dean's taunts grow ever more personal. Unless Frieda can find him - and fast - her loved ones' loyalty could come at a truly fatal cost . . .

ISBN: 9781405918633

416 pages Paperback or Softback

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