When His Kiss Is Wicked

When His Kiss Is Wicked

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O'Riley, Kaitlin

After her father's death, Colette Hamilton is left with four sisters, an invalid mother and a failing bookshop. The only way she can save the family business is with her unconventional ideas...... or let her uncle marry her off. As for the handsome stranger in her bookshop? He's Lucien Sinclair, son of an earl, and a known rogue uninterested in marriage.

Unknown to Colette, Lucien has begun an urgent search for a bride, so that his ailing father might see him married before he dies. He knows what he wants - a plain, biddable woman without the curse of beauty to endanger his heart. Yet no matter how he tries, Lucien finds himself unable to stay away from Colette. And as sinful pleasure lures them ever closer to the edge of ruin, the only question that matters is whether they can survive the fall . . .

Praise for Kaitlin O'Riley and Secrets of a Duchess

'A well-written, lively romance!'
- Kat Martin, New York Times bestselling author

'A talented author . . . O'Riley's plot twists add freshness to the genre.'
- Romantic Times

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781420104462

352 pages

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