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Chamberlin, Holly

THE BRASS RING by Lisa Jackson
It's a perfect June day for a wedding--until Shawna learns that her fiancU has been in a car crash. Though his injuries will heal, his memories of her are gone. Yet Shawna won't stop reaching to reclaim the love they shared...

JUNE'S LACE by Cathy Lamb
In her studio on the Oregon coast, June MacKenzie creates beautiful lace wedding dresses--with no intention of ever wearing one again herself. But the songwriter next door is set on changing her mind...

Thea Foss is putting a bad marriage behind her in the pretty vacation town of Ogunquit, Maine. What's past is past....Until her first love wanders into the local diner, reminding Thea of the life it's not too late to claim...

CAROLINA SUMMER by Rosalind Noonan
Jane Doyle needs to get out of New York. She's headed toward Florida, until a storm along North Carolina's Outer Banks waylays her in a remote town. But thanks to the local sheriff, she finds herself staying longer than she planned--and feeling less lost at sea than ever...

ISBN: 9781420133059

528 pages

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