Murder On The Last Frontier

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Pegau, Cathy

"After a year of heartbreak and personal crisis, journalist Charlotte Brody is looking for a new start. Remote Cordova, Alaska wouldn't appeal to most, but she likes a challenge, and her brother Michael is a doctor in the growing town. Unfortunately, the frontier town isn't as quaint as it first appeared; when one of the prostitutes her brother treats is murdered just outside Charlotte's hotel window and the town's general consensus is that "the whore got what she deserved," her journalist and feminist instincts kick in and she can't help but investigate and bring the murderer to justice. But when Charlotte learns that the dead girl had more in common with her than she thought, her investigation starts to turn deadly...and finding the murderer may be the only thing that will save Charlotte's life."

ISBN: 9781496700544

288 pages

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