Cheaper To Keep Her 3

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Swinson, Kiki

"Kiki captures the heat of the streets." --Wahida Clark In the aftermath of a bloody spree of revenge, Lynise Washington agrees to leave Virginia with her new man, Bishop, a hot, money-making gangsta. Lynise knows she's not Bishop's main woman, but she's cool with that. She believes he's the only one who can help her make things right. So she's happy to let him give her a nice set-up in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey. Too bad his number one, Keisha, isn't the sharing type... When Keisha finds out Bishop's playing house with a chick from the South, it's game on. And that's just the beginning. Soon, Lynise is in danger of losing far more than Bishop. With detectives tossing her name around in Virginia again, and a new guy throwing even more drama on her plate, it's time for another life or death decision--and this time the cost will be higher than ever...

ISBN: 9781496700728

288 pages

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