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Chamberlin, Holly

Anna Traulsen, of Anna's Occasions, an elite Boston event planning company, has never been impetuous. At thirty-seven, she's never had a one-night stand, crammed for an exam, or made an extravagant purchase. Now she's engaged and preparing for an occasion of her own. But another event just might trump her wedding, one that she and her future husband weren't expecting- Anna is pregnant.

From her dress fitting to the timing of the honeymoon, for Anna, one question quickly leads to another--about work, the future--and why she finds herself thinking so much about her colleague, Jack, a tousled, talented artist who is the polar opposite of her comfortingly conventional fiance.

As Anna searches for answers among her friends, she may ultimately discover there's only one place she'll find the truth- in her own heart--and that no matter what she decides, she'll never be the same...

ISBN: 9781496703637

416 pages

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