Passion Of The Streets

Passion Of The Streets

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"A hood love story for the ages."
-Tyrone Bentley, author of Pearl Tongue

She's everything he wants . . .

Nobody ever gave Jamil Rock anything-much less hope. To survive a rough home life and one bad break after another, he became his hood's most successful drug dealer. With loyal friends at his back, Jamil coolly takes care of business and never thinks too far ahead-until Gia Ellis walks into his life. Suddenly, ruling the streets is nothing compared to the instant heat, and alluringly innocent aura, Jamil can't resist . . .

He's everything she shouldn't . . .

Even with a wealthy family and a bright future ahead, Gia is tired of being sheltered. Jamil's instincts and protective strength make her feel alive-and his hidden vulnerabilities show her a man struggling to do right the only way he knows how. But the game never lets go without a fight . . . and their love has only one desperate chance to overcome . . .

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781496718099

320 pages

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