Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation

Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation

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Bernadette M. Wright

Practical Mapping for Applied Research and Program Evaluation helps readers become more effective researchers, providing a practical “nuts and bolts approach to conducting research and evaluating programs to support their continued improvement. Providing clear, direct, and concise instruction on tools for synthesizing research within and between disciplines, this book will enable students to combine data from both qualitative and quantitative research methods, from studies across disciplines, and from both stakeholder experience and academic research. Bernadette Wright and Steve E. Wallisintroduce readers to knowledge mapping, a method of visual organization of information that allows for better analysis of research. Knowledge mapping helps students to objectively quantify their knowledge of situations (in the form of theories, or maps), so they can develop more useful knowledge to support and enact positive change in our world. Using real-world case studies and examples, the authors walk students through the creation and integration of maps using collaborative mapping and data from primary and secondary research. With a very practical focus, the authors offer clear text and simple diagrams to show how students may easily interpret those maps to find powerful new insights for practical action, and to identify knowledge gaps that new research could fill.

ISBN: 9781544323343

328 pages

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