Bodhisattva Path To Unsurpassed Enlightenment

Bodhisattva Path To Unsurpassed Enlightenment

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Arya Asanga, famous for having been the conduit through which the teachings contained in the Five Texts of Maitreya were received and recorded, is also considered to be the author in his own right of several other foundational works of Yogacara philosophy. One of these, considered the definitive text of the Yogacara school of Buddhism, is the encyclopedic synthesis of Mahayana Buddhist doctrines and practices known as the Yogacarabhumi, or "Stages of Spiritual Practice." The Bodhisattvabhumi, or "Stages of the Bodhisattva Path," is one portion of that massive work, though it is considered a stand-alone text in the Tibetan traditions-for example, it is counted among the six core texts of the Kadampas. However, despite the text's centrality to the Yogacara school and its seminal importance in the Tibetan traditions, it has remained unavailable in English except in piecemeal translations; Engle's translation will therefore be especially welcomed by scholars and students alike.

Series Overview- This book is part of the Tsadra Foundation's Translation Program, which aims to make authentic and authoritative texts from the Tibetan tradition available in English.

ISBN: 9781559394291

832 pages

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