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Advice From A Yogi

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Sangye, Padampa

This commentary on Padampa Sangye's classic verses of advice to Tibetan villagers of Dingri by the renowned and beloved meditation master Khenchen Thrangu offers guidance for people trying to practice the Buddhist path in the midst of a busy life. These hundred verses, studied for centuries by Tibetans and students of Buddhism, contain all the elements of the Tibetan Buddhist path. Khenchen Thrangu's lively explication of each stanza brings to light their subtleties and amplifies their relevance to our lives. These two venerable teachers show us that being mindful of the truth of impermanence and the inescapability of death is the key to working with everyday difficulties such as loneliness, craving, family squabbles, competition in business, disagreements with neighbors, and betrayal by friends-as challenging to us now as they have been to meditators for centuries.

ISBN: 9781559394475

128 pages

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