Taoist Meditation

Taoist Meditation

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Cleary, Thomas

A curated collection of ancient texts that shed light on the full breadth of Taoist meditation practices

The ancient meditation techniques of Taoism encompass a wide range of practices-with an aim toward cultivating a healthy body as well as an enlightened mind. These selections from classic texts of Taoist meditation represent the entire range of techniques-from sitting meditation practices to internal alchemy. Most of the texts appear here in English for the first time.Selections are taken from the following classics-

. Anthology on Cultivation of Realization- A document from 1739 (Ming Dynasty) that emphasizes development of the natural, social, and spiritual elements in human life.

.Treatise on Sitting Forgetting- A Tang Dynasty text that sets meditation practice in terms familiar to Confucians and Buddhists.

.Sayings of Taoist Master Danyang- Wisdom of the Taoist wizard and representative of the Complete Reality School.

.Secret Writings on the Mechanism of Nature- An anthology taken from one hundred sixty-three Taoist sources, including ancient classics and works on meditation and spiritual alchemy, along with admonitions and teachings of the great Taoist luminaries.

.Zhang Sanfeng's Taiji Alchemy Secrets- A treatise on the inner mediation practices that are the proper foundation of the martial art Taiji.

.Secret Records of Understanding the Way- A rare and remarkable collection of talks by an anonymous Taoist master of the later Qing dynasty (1644-1911). Traditional teachings with a sometimes strikingly modern bent.

ISBN: 9781570625671

144 pages Paperback or Softback

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