When You Love Someone

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Johnson, Susan

Some men are not for marrying. They have no interest in being dutiful, respectable husbands. What they offer is a sensual paradise to any woman who dares take it. Julius D'Abernon, Marquis of Darley, is the master of the game. His exploits have inflamed the pages of The Tatler for years. Julius can have any woman he wants, but bedding Lady Grafton? That would be a challenge indeed.

The very reputable Elspeth, Lady Grafton, is as refreshingly candid and quick-witted as she is vibrant and beautiful. Pity she is the virtual prisoner of her tyrannical, aged husband, a man unable to gratify his wife in any way. Such a woman needs to experience the passion Julius is ever so qualified to administer. One kiss will get her into his chambers. But one kiss turns out to be more than he bargained for - and yet not nearly enough . . .

'Susan Johnson knows how to make the pages sizzle and burn . . .'
- Romantic Times

ISBN: 9781575668123

360 pages

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