Improbable Shepherd

Improbable Shepherd

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Jorrin, Sylvia

In this sequel to her popular first collection, Sylvia Jorrin returns with more vignettes - along with personal photos, artwork, and recipes--from her life on the
farm to again inspire readers old and new.

The Improbable Shepherd is a continuation of Sylvia's Farm, covering the past five years of her experiences on a rural sheep farm. This book brings readers closer to the world around them, and to recognize the simple, often hidden beauties it holds. Told in short vignettes and anecdotes, it is a journal of the continuing growth, persistence, and hope that each new day can bring.

Nearly a decade after the publication of her first book, life on Sylvia Jorrin's farm continues to present our improbable shepherdess with new opportunities to appreciate the peace and unexpected joys that farm life brings despite too many tasks and too little time.

The Improbable Shepherd immerses the reader fully in Sylvia's farm, echoing her own experiences living with the land and includes photos, and illustrations and Sylvia's personal recipes. Appealing to those who loved Sylvia's first book and want to return, as well as for all the newcomers who have yet to discover Sylvia's powerful prose and earnest message, The Improbable Shepherd will inspire you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

ISBN: 9781578264711

208 pages Paperback or Softback

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