Magnificent Obesity

Magnificent Obesity

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Moravec, Martha

When a fifty-five-year old agoraphobic, diabetic, compulsive overeater who weighs in at 324 pounds suffers a heart attack, the shock accelerates a tolerable mid-life crisis into a death struggle between where she appears to be going in life and the quite different place she wants to be. Magnificent Obesity is an inspirational, self-help memoir about trying to stay afloat and get ahead despite a nagging fear that life has already left you behind.

When Martha Moravec was admitted to the hospital complaining of chest pains, she couldn't believe she was having a heart attack at 55. This watershed moment in her life was a wake-up call, setting her on the path to regaining her health and her ambitions. This inspirational memoir carries readers along on a current of optimism and anxiety, of fear and determination, as an indomitable woman works to put her life back in order, losing weight, improving her health, and realizing her dreams.

ISBN: 9781578265053

272 pages Paperback or Softback

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