Surfing for Autism

Surfing for Autism

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What happens when children and teenagers with autism--a condition known as the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States--are introduced to surfing in the ocean? There's wipeouts, outbursts and most of all, there's powerful breakthroughs. Surfing for a Cure follows a group of everyday families who attend organized surf events in search of these powerful breakthroughs for their children with autism, using surfing as a unique form of therapy. Not only is this a story about children with autism struggling to stand on surfboards, struggling to speak, struggling to make progress in a world run on the foundation of an understood "normal" (and what scientific research has to say about such); Surfing for a Cure is also an inspirational and uplifting how-to story of how families have chosen to cope with autism by riding waves of healing.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781578267941

224 pages

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