Living End

Living End

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Samson, Lisa

One Last Goodbye. One Last Adventure.

Pearly Laurel is devastated by the death of her beloved husband of thirty-five years. The two had always said they couldn't live without one another, and Pearly has no desire to even try.

Then, in the midst of her grief, Pearly finds a tattered list in Joey's pocket, entitled, "While I Live, I Want to...." His ultimate to-do list sends her off on a mission to accomplish Joey's last unfulfilled goals-along with a few of her own-before arranging her own death. But the people she meets along the way have something else in mind. Can their unexpected gifts, secrets long hidden in Joey's journal, and memories from the rich life they shared convince Pearly that, despite her pain and grief, life is still worth living?

ISBN: 9781578565979

320 pages Paperback or Softback

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