Giant Killers

Giant Killers

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Jernigan, Dennis

Crushing Strongholds, Securing Freedom in Your Life

Worship leader Dennis Jernigan opens his heart to help you overcome the persistent problems in your life.

Persistent sins. Troublesome fears. Powerful addictions. Is there any hope of overcoming these giants that keep us from experiencing God's freedom?

Dennis Jernigan enthusiastically answers, "Yes." And he shares his personal story to show how God has helped him overcome the giants in his life.

In Giant Killers you'll meet Goliath and other giants in the Bible that represent overwhelming problems that plague everyone-fear, discouragement, shame, and more. And you'll discover five God-given "stones" that, when fired from a sling, are sure to fell these giants.

Having overcome homosexuality-a behavior pattern many consider unchangeable-Dennis Jernigan speaks with authority on the subject of defeating spiritual enemies. Through his inspiring devotional approach, you'll draw closer to God, the source of all power for victory.

ISBN: 9781578567751

224 pages Paperback or Softback

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