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PetSpeak by The Editors of Pets- Part of the Family What is your pet trying to tell you? The best way to understand dogs and cats is to see the world through their eyes, and this book shows you how to do just that. Packed with expert advice, easy-to-follow training techniques, and real-life examples, it's the only book you'll ever need to make your pet a fully responsive (and responsible) part of the family. Between these covers, you'll find eye-opening answers to hundreds of puzzling questions, such as- * Why does my dog sneak a drink from the toilet bowl when his own water dish is filled to the brim? * Why does my cat insist on walking on counters? * Why does my dog like rolling in smelly things so much? * Why does my cat suddenly scratch me while I'm petting her? Discover how to put an end to these perplexing behaviors, and... * Learn how to give commands so your dog will obey-- the first time. * Uncover the secret meaning of incessant yawning, teeth chattering, and other signals. * Meet dozens of delightful, inspiring pets and people who have already mastered petspeak.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781579543372

485 pages

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