How to Repair Food, Third Edition

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Bear, John

When the inevitable kitchen calamities befall us, this useful kitchen reference saves the day with culinary counsel, recipe rescues, and a good dose of levity.

THE BEST-LAID PLANS OFTEN GO AWRY . . . especially in the kitchen. When you're faced with one of those inevitable cooking calamities--be it a sinking souffle, salty soup, or stuck-together pasta--How to Repair Food has the answers and advice you need to get your meal back on track. First published in 1970 and now with more than 100,000 copies in print, this kitchen classic has been completely revised and updated to serve a new generation of home cooks.


. Hints on lowering fat and sodium.
. Ways to integrate wholesome and organic ingredients.
. Tips for reducing kitchen waste.
. Ideas for coping with holiday and other special-occasion dinner debacles.

Filled with witty, accessible, and often ingenious solutions to mishaps that befall even the best of cooks, the alphabetical listings (from Abalone to Zucchini) are designed to rescue any dish from the brink of disaster.

ISBN: 9781580084321

224 pages Paperback or Softback

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