Joy of Not Working

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Zelinski, Ernie J.

Ernie Zelinski could change your view of the world forever. He has already taught more than 150,000 people what THE JOY OF NOT WORKING is all about- learning to live every part of your life-employment, unemployment, retirement, and leisure time alike-to the fullest. With this completely revised and expanded edition, you too can join the thousands of converts and learn to thrive at both work and at play. Illustrated by eye-opening exercises, thought-provoking diagrams, and lively cartoons and quotations, THE JOY OF NOT WORKING will guide you to-

.Be more productive at work by working less.
.Discover and pursue your life'-?s passions.
.Gain the courage to leave your corporate job if it is draining life out of you.
.Pursue interesting leisure activities that make a difference in your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
.Vanquish any guilt you may have about not working long and hard hours.
.Be financially independent with less money.

Plus, new to this edition are inspiring letters from readers detailing how the book helped them improve the variety, tone, and quality of their lives.

.A revised and updated edition of the classic guide to living life to its fullest.
.Previous editions have sold more than 150,000 copies in 14 languages.

ISBN: 9781580085526

240 pages Paperback or Softback

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