Lessons In Realistic Watercolor

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Robinson, Mario Andres

Robinson's approach to the medium of watercolor is primarily traditional. Many artists find watercolor difficult to control and are often disappointed with the results. The water meanders across the surface of the paper and, given the proper nuance by the artist's brush, it will reluctantly settle. The end result is the bright white of bouncing light contrasted with the liveliness of mysterious shadows. Robinson's method teaches artists to layer colors from light to dark and to focus on the highlighted areas first. Further, his "live in the moment" approach embraces watercolor's unpredictability as part of the process, the end result being a painting with intensity, spontaneity, and beauty.

For the beginner, mid-level, or professional artist, Robinson introduces his unique working method that shifts the focus from the end result to the enjoyment of each stage of the painting process. Readers will learn how to start by stretching the paper to achieve a pristine surface; choose the right materials (brushes, palettes, paints, etc.); do a preliminary drawing; establish the subject's light, middle, and dark values with a tonal underdrawing; create symmetrical features and mass big shapes using intuition to achieve a more natural appearance; work through a monotone wash; explore water manipulation and work wet into wet for color mixing; finish up with a special drybrush technique; avoid common mistakes; set up an artist's studio; and establish yourself as a pro.

ISBN: 9781580934459

176 pages

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