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Delp, Christoph

This comprehensive training manual features all the information needed for a successful start in kickboxing, right up to winning the match in the ring. Author Christoph Delp, an expert fitness coach and an experienced kickboxing and Muay Thai trainer, begins by describing kickboxing's history, development, and rules. The technical section explains all of the attacking techniques, as well as important defense and feinting skills. In spectactular photographs, champion kickboxers demonstrate the skills step by step, enabling the reader to easily duplicate the exercises and to understand the technical fine points. Chapters dedicated to training and competition contain vital information on training plans and structure, contest preparation, and competitive strategy. An ideal companion for beginners, the book is also an excellent reference for active kickboxers and other martial arts athletes who want to improve their punching and kicking techniques. Readers can use the book to train on their own or as a complement to club training.

ISBN: 9781583941782

264 pages Paperback or Softback

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