Integrated Activism

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Zeigler, Alexis

Activists of all kinds will be drawn to this impassioned, broad-sweeping treatise examining not only the hidden cause of all social progress, but also the hidden connections between ecology, economy, and policy--and showing how to use this information to effect real change now.

How do peak oil, climate change, and the limits of growth affect abortion rights, income equality, and civil liberty? In this broad-gauge, impassioned treatise, author and activist Alexis Zeigler reveals the hidden connections between ecology, economics, politics, and social justice--and shows us how to use those connections to effect real, long-lasting change.

Most activist movements suffer from a kind of tunnel vision, Zeigler says, in which the true causes and resulting side effects of the desired change are left unexamined--rendering the movements feeble, short-sighted, and ignorant of their own fallout. This cannot stand, says Zeigler. The only way to effectively deal with the complex problems we are facing is to realize, understand, and incorporate into our solutions the intrinsic interconnectedness of ecology, economics, politics, and social justice.

The most-overlooked aspect of any given issue, Zeigler argues, is the ecological situation at hand. By examining through a holistic lens some of the most pressing issues of our time--such as peak oil, abortion rights, climate change, the Patriot Act, and the "wars" on drugs and terror--he illuminates the key economic, political, and most of all, ecological factors that contribute to the status quo, making it indisputably clear that we cannot effectively address our problems in isolation or with ecological blinders on.

Packed with surprising facts and eye-opening arguments, Integrated Activism is a must-read, not only for every serious activist, but also for anyone looking for a solid, creditable philosophy and approach to building a fairer, freer, more sustainable future.

ISBN: 9781583946046

240 pages Paperback or Softback

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