Dance To The Piper

Dance To The Piper

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De Mille, Agnes

"Born into a family of successful playwrights and producers, Agnes de Mille was determined to be an actress. Then one day she witnessed the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, and her life was altered forever. Hypnotized by Pavlova's beauty, in that moment de Mille dedicated herself to dance. Her memoir records with lighthearted humor and wisdom not only the difficulties she faced-the resistance of her parents, the sacrifices of her training-but also the frontier atmosphere of early Hollywood and New York and London during the Depression. oThis is the story of an American dancer,o writes de Mille, oa spoiled egocentric wealthy girl, who learned with difficulty to become a worker, to set and meet standards, to brace a Victorian sensibility to contemporary roughhousing, and who, with happy good fortune, participated by the side of great colleagues in a renaissance of the most ancient and magical of all the arts.o"

ISBN: 9781590179086

360 pages

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