Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation

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Goldstein, Joseph

A leading meditation teacher and the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society offers"an intelligent, thorough, startlingly clear" overview of Buddhism and Western vipassana practice" (Los Angeles Times)

In Insight Meditation, Joseph Goldstein provides an overview of Buddhist practice and its context generally while focusing on vipassana meditation specifically. He covers what the path itself is composed of, how to practice, what freeing the mind is all about, how karma works, the connection between psychology and dharma practice, and a look at what selflessness really is. The concluding chapter is a detailed exploration of how to practice in the world, touching on topics like the art of communication, family relationships, work and livelihood, dying, and how to really be of benefit to others.

ISBN: 9781590300169

208 pages Paperback or Softback

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