Native Foods Cookbook

Native Foods Cookbook

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Petrovna, Tanya

Here is a cookbook that offers a vegetarian cuisine that is so tasty, satisfying, and hearty that it will appeal to vegetarians
and nonvegetarians alike. Tanya Petrovna is the co-owner and head chef of the Native Foods restaurants, a chain of popular
vegetarian restaurants in Southern California. Petrovna takes a back-to-basics approach to cooking. Inspired by her love of
good food as well as by her concerns about animal rights, health, and the environment, she offers a diverse and delicious menu
based on whole grains, fresh organic vegetables, and meat and cheese substitutes made from torn, tempeh, and seitan. Tanya
proves that this guilt-free cuisine-which is low in fat and contains no cholesterol-can be indulgent and fun. Recipes include-
. Roasted Winter Vegetables with "It's Thyme for Pumpkin Seed Pesto"
. Meatless Portabello and Sausage Burgers
. Luscious Nondairy Cheesecake
. Chinese Noodle Salad with Baby Field Greens and Sesame Orange Vinaigrette
. Meat-free Tijuana Tacos with Salsa Fresca
The Native Foods Cookbook also features instructions on basic cooking methods, helpful definitions, nutritional
information, and a simple kitchen pantry setup. Petrovna also offers instructions for making tom and seitan at home.

ISBN: 9781590300763

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