Yoga For A World Out Of Balance

Yoga For A World Out Of Balance

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Stone, Michael

Teaching on ethics and social action

The true path of yoga calls for a commitment to social responsibility in addition to one's personal practice on the mat-here is a fresh viewpoint from a psychologist and teacher of yoga and meditation.

Yoga practitioners are increasingly looking to deepen and expand their practice in the areas of environmental awareness and social responsibility. Yoga magazines are featuring articles on subjects from fighting poverty to going green. In response to this need, this book shows how the yoga tradition offers a greater path to being a responsible member of the global community.
With simplicity and clarity, Stone offers these ancient instructions for understanding the broad effects of our actions, and for avoiding getting caught up in habitual distraction and emotional reactivity. He gives practical ways to instead cultivate compassion, insight, and inner contentment, which are the basis for engaging consciously with others.

ISBN: 9781590307052

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