Turning The Wheel Of Truth

Turning The Wheel Of Truth

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Sucitto, Ajahn

Immediately after his enlightenment, the Buddha gave a talk that contained within it the foundation for all further Buddhist teachings. The text of this remarkable discourse is presented here and is brilliantly illuminated by a respected, contemporary teacher of the Theravada tradition. This discourse by the Buddha, called "The Sutta That Set in Motion the Wheel of the Truth," is revered by all schools of Buddhism, yet it isn't studied regularly due to the density of the material it contains. Ajahn Sucitto's engaging, chapter-by-chapter unpacking of the text makes it accessible for everyone, showing how it serves as a complete digest of all the Buddhist teachings, and thus, as a worthy guide for life. His commentary includes enlightening discussions of fundamental Buddhist ideas and principles such as-

. The Middle Way,
. The Eightfold Path,
. The Four Noble Truths,
. Buddhist cosmology,
. Karma,
. Enlightenment.

ISBN: 9781590307649

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