Guild Leader's Handbook

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Andrews, Scott F.

Who said dragon slaying was easy? Leading a guild in massively multiplayer online (MMO) games like World of Warcraft is more difficult than most players think. Your members look to you to solve problems, plan raids and battles, and lead them to riches and renown.

In The Guild Leader's Handbook, you'll learn how to create, build, and maintain a successful guild. Author Scott F. Andrews, a longtime guild leader and guild advice columnist for, will show you how to guide your guild to glory. Whether you're trying to confront a monstrous threat, conquer your rivals, or simply reign supreme as the wealthiest traders in the galaxy, The Guild Leader's Handbook offers invaluable guidance to help you achieve your goals.

You'll learn how to-
-Plan successful raids, player vs. player battles, roleplaying sessions, and contests
-Deal with problem players and keep a lid on guild-fracturing drama
-Solve loot issues and choose the best loot system for your guild
-Boost your guild's morale, reputation, and server presence
-Promote and motivate an effective officer corps

Whether you're an established guild leader in need of sage advice or a dedicated player seeking to form your own community, The Guild Leader's Handbook is an essential guide to managing a guild successfully in any MMO game.

ISBN: 9781593272586

216 pages

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