Ruby Wizardry

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Weinstein, Eric

The Ruby programming language is perfect for beginners- easy to learn, powerful, and fun to use! But wouldn't it be more fun if you were learning with the help of some wizards and dragons?

Ruby Wizardry is a playful, illustrated tale that will teach you how to program in Ruby by taking you on a fantastical journey. As you follow the adventures of young heroes Ruben and Scarlet, you'll learn real programming skills, like how to-
-Use fundamental concepts like variables, symbols, arrays, and strings
-Work with Ruby hashes to create a programmable breakfast menu
-Control program flow with loops and conditionals to help the Royal Plumber
-Test your wild and crazy ideas in IRB and save your programs as scripts
-Create a class of mini-wizards, each with their own superpower!
-Organize and reuse your code with methods and lists
-Write your own amazing interactive stories using Ruby

Along the way, you'll meet colorful characters from around the kingdom, like the hacker Queen, the Off-White Knight, and Wherefore the minstrel. Ruby Wizardry will have you (or your little wizard) hooked on programming in no time.

For ages 10+ (and their parents!)

ISBN: 9781593275662

352 pages

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