To Quote A Queer

To Quote A Queer

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Lessard, John

We're here. We're queer. And we're hilarious! Not to mention eloquent, bitchy, poetic, luminous, and dead-on brilliant! To Quote a Queer features more than 2,500 quotations on a host of subjects, including-Body Image- "To be gay and out of shape is almost as much of a stigma as just being gay used to be."-Bruce VilanchFashion- "If I am occasionally a little overdressed, I make up for it by being always immensely overeducated."-Oscar WildeHomophobia- "A lot of people are not homophobic, but they think they're supposed to be. They think that if they don't express prejudice, people will think there's something the matter with them."-Barney FrankTherapy- "I think I have OCD or ADD or some other three-initial ditty. Whatever it is, it's exhauasting."-Rosie O'DonnellTruth- "I don't care what anybody says about me as long as it isn't true."-Truman CapoteChildhood- "Bike-riding and tree-climbing may be typically boyish, but they were merely means to my sissified ends; I wanted, like an eight-year-old Garbo, to be alone."-Dan SavageComing Out- "What happened to me is exactly the opposite of what closeted people fear. They think they'll lose everything if they come out. This did not happen to me at all. In fact, everything came back tenfold."-Melissa EtheridgeFame- "When you become a public figure, you become at the same time a product, and people actually look at your 'expiration date,' you know? They look at your age and say, 'Hmm. How fresh is this one?'"-RuPaulAnd much more. Hitting shelves just in time for summer's pride festivities, To Quote a Queer is the perfect gift for gays and the people who love them.

ISBN: 9781594742231

480 pages Paperback or Softback

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