Perfect Drink For Every Occasion

Perfect Drink For Every Occasion

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Swierczynski, Duane

Better Living Through Alcohol

Didn't think it was possible? Think again! The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion features 151 new and classic cocktails designed to complement every situation imaginable . . . and then some. Whether you're getting married, going to prison, trying to lose weight, hoping to impress your coworkers, or watching your favorite James Bond flick, we've got your (gl)ass covered. Discover the perfect drink to . relieve your cold (page 34) . impress Julia Roberts (page 62) . erase the memory of your own name (page 95) . serve on the Fourth of July (page 117) . order at a Star Trek convention (page 158) . and much, much more!Complete with recipes for White Russians, French Martinis, Gin Rickeys, Harvey Wallbangers, Margaritas, Eggnog, and 145 other favorites, The Perfect Drink for Every Occasion is comprehensive enough to be the only bar book you'll ever need.

ISBN: 9781594745072

pages Hardback

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