This Saint Will Change Your Life

This Saint Will Change Your Life

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Craughwell, Thomas J.

"Heaven Help Us!"

Heaven Help Us!

Your days of worry and frustration are over. Whoever you are, whatever you do, there's a patron saint who wants to help you-specifically you-with your troubles. This Saint Will Change Your Life features 300 patron saints for every person and situation imaginable.

. There are patron saints for travelers, vegetarians, and women in labor.
. For gamblers, lawyers, and parents with disappointing children.
. For families stressed by houseguests.
. For victims of toothaches, appendicitis, and sore throats.
. For beekeepers, booksellers, sailors, schoolgirls, and even (we kid you not) vampire hunters!

This Saint Will Change Your Life! describes the real-life histories of an amazing variety of holy figures from the Christian faith and reveals how each became associated with particular beneficiaries. Also included are reproductions of 300 full-color holy cards depicting these heavenly helpers in all their glory.

ISBN: 9781594745287

480 pages Paperback or Softback

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