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Anything For A Vote

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Cummins, Joseph

"The 2016 presidential election is looming on the horizon, and you know the campaigns are going to play rough--because dirty tricks and negative campaigning are as American as apple pie. Anything for a Vote chronicles more than 200 years of cheap shots and bad behavior in presidential elections--from the 1796 contest between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to the 2012 campaigns of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Along the way, we'll stop in- -1836 - Congressman Davy Crockett accuses candidate Martin Van Buren of secretly wearing women's clothing- "He is laced up in corsets!" -1864 - A Democratic newspaper alleges that Abraham Lincoln only changed his socks every 10 days. -1912 - Theodore Roosevelt is shot in the chest while preparing to give a campaign speech, then proceeds to deliver it anyway- "I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot, but it takes more than that to kill a bull moose!" -1928 - Republicans warned that Roman Catholic candidate Al Smith was secretly plotting with the Pope -- and that the Holland Tunnel had a secret passageway leading directly to the Vatican! -1960 - Former president Harry Truman told voters that "if you vote for Richard N

ISBN: 9781594748325

304 pages

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