Peter Taylor Complete Stories 1960-1992

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Taylor, Peter

For the first time, the complete stories of an American Chekhov, a master chronicler of tradition and transformation in the twentieth-century South

For the first time, the complete stories of the Pulitzer Prize-winning master chronicler of tradition and transformation in the twentieth-century South

Born and raised in Tennessee, Peter Taylor wasthe great chronicler of the American Upper South, capturing its gossipand secrets, its divided loyalties and morally complicatedlegacies in tales of pure-distilled brilliance. Now, for hiscentennial year, the Library of America and acclaimed shortstory writer Ann Beattie present an unprecedented two-volumeedition of Taylor's complete short fiction, all fifty-nine of thestories published in his lifetime in the order in which they werecomposed.

This second volume presents thirty stories includingmanyof his most ambitious works, among them "Dean ofMen," a monologue delivered by a middle-agedfather to his long-haired son about the limits ofidealism; "In the Miro District," a parable of the OldSouth's enduring persistence in the New; and "The OldForest," one of Taylor's most celebrated works, the story of a young man who jeopardizes his impending marriage by consorting with a girldeemed beneath his station.Here too are all five of Taylor'sremarkable prose poems, stories in free verse thatdemonstrate that great fiction is, at its highest pitch,a line-by-line, image-by-image high-wire act. Twoof the stories in this volume, "A Cheerful Disposition" and "TheMegalopolitans," are collected here for the first time.

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