Shot Through The Heart

Shot Through The Heart

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Bam, Ms

After the demise of her relationship with long-time boyfriend DonTravious, Nicole Evans thinks her prayers have been answered when Kendrick Taylor walks into her life. Life with him is bliss--until he walks out of her life, leaving her more broken and alone than she's ever felt. Mourning the love she's lost, Nicole has resigned herself to the fact that she will be alone forever. Jeremiah gives his all to rising R&B star Mia King. He even accepts the responsibility of raising another man's child without a second thought. Jeremiah feels ready to conquer the world; then, with one fateful trip to Texas, he discovers that everything he thought he knew about Mia was a lie. Now, Jeremiah is richer than ever, but his heart is cold. He's a straight savage when it comes to love. The only purpose women serve is to meet his physical needs. That is, until one business encounter leads him straight into the arms of a woman he thinks is certifiably crazy. In the game of love, a little bit of crazy may be just what you need to make your world feel sane.

Paperback or Softback

ISBN: 9781601621085

384 pages

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