Field Guide To Sports Metaphors

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Chetwynd, Josh

The language of sports resonates beyond the grass and dirt of the local ball field because it is so evocative. The gridiron as a battlefield, the quarterback as the man in charge--these concepts slip seamlessly into the words of everyone from politicians to businesspeople. There are many metaphors we can quickly identify from the realm of recreation- ballpark figure (baseball), being caught flat footed (boxing) or having the inside track (horse racing) are all examples. But the English language is also peppered with not-so-obvious instances of sports and games influence like stymie (golf) and shoo-in (horse racing). Filled with pithy little entries on each idiom, plus quotes showing how the likes of President Barack Obama, President George W. Bush, and Donald Trump use them in a sentence, this quirky little handbook is sure to be a conversation starter at tailgates, cocktail parties, and in the boardroom.

ISBN: 9781607748113

224 pages

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