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Horiot, Hugo

Horiot offers not only a literary and startling testimony of autism, but also a striking portrayal of the human condition.

Hugo Horiot was an angry autistic child with Asperger syndrome who refused to speak for the first years of his life and only escaped institutionalization because his mother decided, controversially, to educate and care for him herself. Today, the storm of autism has passed and Hugo has become a peaceful and highly functioning adult.

In this book, he now returns to his childhood, to his experiences-his tantrums, obsessions, furies, and -to give a voice to a child who had cut himself off from the world. This is a true story, a literary and startling testimony of autism and of the human condition- the self-portrait of a furious child waging a war, against himself, against those around him.

ISBN: 9781609806125

176 pages Hardback

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