Authentic Life

Authentic Life

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Bayda, Ezra

"How to live your life genuinely, honestly, and happily in the face of the inevitable difficulties that arise-more wonderfully accessible Zen teachings for living from the author of Being Zen."

Wonderfully accessible Zen teachings for how to live your life genuinely, honestly, and happily in the face oflife's inevitable difficulties

Ever feel like your efforts to live a life of wisdom, honesty, and compassion are hijacked by, well, life? Take heart. Ezra Bayda has good news- life's challenges aren't obstacles to our path-they are the path. Understanding that liberates us to use every aspect of what life presents us with as a way to live with integrity and authenticity-and joy.

In this, as in all his books, Ezra's teaching is Zen made wonderfully practical, in a way that can apply to anyone's life. Meditation is the foundation, but it doesn't stop there. It's about learning to take the practice of presence we cultivate in meditation to all the rest of our complicated lives. Doing that empowers us to navigate our journey with the integrity and authenticity that are what a satisfying life is all about.

ISBN: 9781611800920

176 pages Paperback or Softback

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