Imagination In Action

Imagination In Action

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McNiff, Shaun

The theory and practice of creativity-culled from the lifetime of experiences of an esteemed art educator/therapist. With proven techniques he's discovered for jump-starting the creative process.
aaaaaThere are art teachers-and then there's Shaun McNiff. An accomplished painter himself, with a fascination for the creative process, he's been teaching art for something like forty years, both to people who identify themselves as artists, and to those who carry no such identity-most notably to the many clients and mental health patients with whom he's worked to use art making as a therapeutic method. Having observed and worked with such a broad spectrum of art makers has caused him to observe the creative process-in others as well as in himself-in depth over a long period. In this book, he will offer his observations about creativity, what it is and how it works, along with practical advice on how to jump-start the process in oneself. His history and experience give his observations on this topic a good deal of heft.

ISBN: 9781611802016

256 pages

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