Glimpses Of The Profound

Glimpses Of The Profound

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Trungpa, Chogyam

At the beginning of a North American teaching career that would span seventeen years, the meditation master Ch gyam Trungpa conducted five pivotal seminars covering various dharmic topics. The transcripts from these seminars are collected here so that readers can experience them right at home. Comprising twenty-six talks in total, each one followed by a Q&A, Glimpses of the Profound is sure to provoke glimpses of all kinds- glimpses that inspire you to look further, glimpses that give you confidence, glimpses that upset the apple cart, glimpses that open your heart, glimpses that undermine falsity, glimpses that awaken you to your boundless potential.
This book was originally published as four separate volumes by Vajradhatu Publications. Judith L. Lief has written a new introduction.

ISBN: 9781611803037

352 pages

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