The Next Next Level

The Next Next Level

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Neyfakh, Leon

In the old days, fame was like pornography-you knew it when you saw it. Fame was life-altering. And so, for that matter, was fandom, which was huge and obsessive and far-removed from what it worshiped.

In his multi-hyphenate ambitions, the musician who calls himself Juiceboxxx couldn't be more modern-you might call him a rock musician-hip-hop artist-DJ-record executive-energy drink-magnate-t-shirt entrepreneur. But in his tireless, lonely, possibly hopeless pursuit of artistic success on his own terms and his own terms alone, Juiceboxxx is a man of the old school. No club is too dank, no futon too grubby-every indignity is worth it, if it helps him get to the next, next level.

Acclaimed journalist Leon Neyfakh has been something more than a fan of Juiceboxxx since he was fifteen years old, when he booked a show for the artist in a church basement. And though their trajectories over the next decade could not have been more different, Juiceboxxx's wandering, difficult path toward success would continue to haunt Neyfakh- was art really worth all the sacrifices? And if it was, how did you know you'd made it?

Much more than a brilliant portrait of a charismatic musician always on the verge of something big, The Next Next Level is a wholly contemporary story of art, obsession, fame, and ambition-and also viral videos, rap-rock, and Japanese t-shirt enthusiasts.


ISBN: 9781612194462

224 pages

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