Bollywood Bride

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Dev, Sonali

"Bollywood's favorite Ice Princess, Ria Parkar, has sold her soul for stardom. But she would do it again to keep her promise to her dying father, and to protect the man she loves from her destructive secrets and the insanity in her genes. Vikram Jathar chased Ria across the globe once and lost everything in the aftermath of her betrayal--his family, his career, his very ability to love. It's taken him ten years to rebuild his life and he's determined never to lose it again. When a scandal in Mumbai threatens to expose Ria's past, her cousin's wedding in Chicago seems like the perfect place to hide out. But the indescribable relief of coming home is short-lived. Meeting Vikram against the backdrop of a big colorful Indian wedding churns up a storm of emotions Ria finds impossible to suppress. Beneath her tangle of lies and his pent up anger, the wordless bond that has always tied them together remains untouched, and the searing chemistry all but sparks them back to life. But even as Vikram unwraps her body from the silken folds of her sari, he might be unraveling secrets that could destroy them both. Can Ria find the courage to heal her past and fight for her future? And can Vikram

ISBN: 9781617730153

352 pages

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