Family Trees

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March, Kerstin

Sensible and self-reliant, Shelby Meyers knows exactly what she wants. She'll never again depend on her errant mother, Jackie, who abandoned Shelby when she was a baby. All Shelby needs is her beautiful, windswept Lake Superior, her loving grandparents, and the apple orchard she helps run--until a new love, Ryan Chambers, opens her heart to a wider world.
But just as Shelby is looking toward an exciting future, Jackie returns--determined to make up for the past and "help" her daughter get everything she never could. Shelby finds herself at odds with Ryan and with his wealthy family's expectations. Now, through wrenching change and sudden loss, Shelby must find a way to see herself, and her mother, in a new light--and risk the kind of freedom that brings its own rewards...

ISBN: 9781617735240

352 pages

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